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RV/ Van Life Community Memberships

Our communities are self reliant ecosystems of micro-businesses that provide more than food, fun, relaxation & healing, a real place to come home to.

With A Membership you can travel from community to community or use them as hubs to take a rest on your way through.


This Is Not A  Workshare Membership.

You also have the choice of a covered place to store & charge your RV. While you are out traveling we protect your spot! Stop in at any of our networked communities for the same treatment.

While you are staying her, we cover your 






& Septic

Your Cost Is A One Time $2500 Membership Fee

Covers The Whole Family.

Monthly $250 Monthly When You Are Here

Yes There Is No Cost If You Are Not Here!


Uni Phi Farms Micro-Community

RV /Vanlife

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