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About Our Communities


Our mission is to build, maintain & protect a safe, healthy, family-oriented environment of self-reliance in off-grid community. We are helping those who want to learn and to become self-reliant by stepping away from a lifestyle of dependencies in the cities into a safe, healthy culture with like-minded neighbors.


Our intent is to build  hubs of knowledge, skilled people, and wisdom, coupled with sound financial practices, integrity, love, and appreciation for the little things in life.

We are committed to creating centers of learning, where we teach the next generation how to teach and be self-reliant, building counter culture & safe family-friendly communities in a world of uncertainty.

Our Community Members Have The Choice To Defend Their Communities.

Within all of our communities we commit to providing 100% chemical-free food to thousands of people in and around our communities over the next few years.

Our communities, farms and living spaces are envisioned as beacons of hope and resilience. They offer safety, while also serving as centers for relaxation, recreation, and the creation of lifelong memories. These communities are designed to inspire and support everyone involved, standing as a testament to a sustainable and interconnected way of life. From smaller Micro-Communities through the large

Multi-Hundreds of Acres Properties, they will all be connected & accessible to all the Members.

spread out hobbit home with tiny homes village in the woods with raised garden beds & frui
spread out hobbit home with tiny homes village in the woods with raised garden beds & frui
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Our mission at Uni-Phi is to pioneer a cultural shift in America by establishing self-sustaining communities that exemplify a new way of living. These communities are designed around the principles of permaculture, utilizing decentralized cryptocurrencies, and sound money financial practices to reignite the American dream of future prosperity. This dream champions the spirit of self-reliance and the craftsmanship & working together.

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