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Home Types

We are offering several choices of home models.

Many many things set these homes apart from your average place,  the list of benefits included  with any membership makes our homes places to thrive & therefor have no "fair market" value.

They Are Built  Above the Highest Safety Standards & Highest Quality Natural Materials

The Properties We Choose To Build On Are Pristine & Toxin Free.

From Singles, families, retirees & even vacation spots, we have you covered.

Like you each home is unique a piece of art  a "one of a kind" & comes fully furnished, has plenty of storage including a stocked bunker space per person.

Tours will be Available This Spring!

The Prices Listed Are The Monthly Membership Fee & Including Community Benefits.

Not All Home Types Will Be Built In Each Community.

The Homes Are Kept In The Community Trust, Tax Free, Maintenance Covered  & Can Be Earned  & Passed On With Our Retirement Plans.

Keep In Good Standing, Heal, Learn, Grow, Amass Wealth, Create.

Retire & Keep Living Good.

This 196-Sq-Ft Home Is The Epitome Of Efficiency_ The Comfy Second Bedroom Is Proof.jfif


Singles Tiny Homes

You have to start somewhere...

It might as well be a good start.  

Some of these are in Villages & some are loners off the beaten path.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.



Singles Above Ground Hobbit Homes

Cozy yet roomy these earthworks beauties are just as fun to live in as they are to admire.

Some in Villages & some loners.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.


spread out hobbit home with tiny homes village in the woods with raised garden beds & frui


Singles Inground Hobbit Homes

The peace of being one with Earth, no really living in a Hobbit home is pretty close to your own cave!

No Bats & pesky drips.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.



Singles A-Frame Homes

These elegant & stylish A-Frames are spread all over with exceptional views & few tree house dream houses.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.




Singles Log Cabin

We know they last, so we just made them nicer, story book & happy ending nice.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.



Singles Cordwood Home

The pre Jetson's cordwoods are for those that need a little more room for art or creative space.

1 Bedroom 1 Bath.


Build Good Looking Cordwood Walls - Cordwood Construction.jfif
Home Design Ideas for a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom.jfif


Family A- Frame

Lake Front, own easement, say hello to Heaven.


2-3 Bedrooms 2 Baths.



Cordwood Family Homes

Beautiful, Sturdy,  Great Places To Raise A Family.

Rustic yet refined, bottles included in each wall!

Own Easement.

2-3 Bedrooms 2 Baths.


25 Cordwood Homes_ Beauty Inside & Out.jfif
download (5).jfif


Large Earthship

Our Earthship Homes are unique & resistant. Passive everything makes these homes a dream to live in & don't forget the views.

Own Easement

3-4 Bedrooms 2 Baths.



Medium Family Log& Stone Homes

These are the spots for those with children of different age ranges & are looking to gain functional beautiful spaces to enjoy watching  them learn & grow in.

Own Easement

2-3 Bedrooms 2 Baths.


Beautiful Log & Stone Homes amongst the mountain Wilderness.jpg


Large Family Log & Stone Homes

These Are Not Starter Homes, They Are Family Legacy Homes, Like The Rest We Offer, Built With The Highest Quality Everything! 4br+ 3bth

Own Easement

Private Bunker


Custom Designs

We will have opportunities for you to participate in designing your own homes in the future as we expand this site for now they are first come first serve available to Members only.

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