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Move In When You Are Ready!

Uni Phi Farms Micro-Community

Our Farm is a place to live, grow, learn, teach & relax.

We have a variety of microbusinesses already established & we are looking for people that want an ownership working towards better outcomes not just an income.

Several Homes Are Being Built Now on our 6 acers 

Along With A Few Airbnb Vacation Rentals.

There is Only One 1 Lifetime Membership spot for this Community.

There Are 3 SHTF Spots 


9 Regular Workshare Memberships

These are regular workshare memberships 


You also get access to our other communities we are building soon.

Use Your Skills Around The Farm

5 Hours A Day, 5 Days  Week

& Enjoy Life!

Workshare jobs here include:

Harvest Food

Plant Flowers

Host Farm School

Harvesting Mushrooms

Managing Green Houses.

Starting Seeds & Transplanting Seedlings.

Canning, Dehydrating, Freeze Drying, Salt Curing, Fermenting, Smoking.

Taking Care of Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Quail, & Guineas.

Taking Care Of Nubian Small Goats & Sheep.

Managing The Aquaponics Systems

Taking Care Of Medium Size Pigs.

Off Grid Energy Maintained

Weekly Delivery Driver

Teach Classes


Making Cheese

BBQing & Pizza Making

Running The Food Truck

Managing the Food Forest

Managing The Airbnb's

Office Work


& Many More For You All To Share The Goods & Profits.

Contact Us For An Interview

Pay The Deposit & Membership Fee

Choose Your Home

Move In!!!!!

white cottage.jpg
UNI-PHI Revision 1 (2).jpg

One Singles Tiny Home Membership for Uni-Phi Farms Micro-Community



What Is Included With A

 Farm Workshare Membership

A Furnished

Hobbit/Stone Home, Tiny Home, or A-Frame

A Bunker Spot/Weather/SHTF

100% Chemical Free Food & Water

Starlink Internet

Includes Access To Our Other Communities


Standard Deposit Required For All Memberships

$2,000 (One Time)


$500-$1000 Monthly Membership Benefits Fee

That's It.

Home Size Dictates The Fee Size.

Contact Form

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