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How To Join A Community


4 Ways To Join:

What Are The Different Memberships?

Workshare Memberships

Retiree Memberships

Lifetime Memberships


What is a Workshare Membership?

A Workshare Member is the first Level of Membership in our communities.

Members pay a one time non-refundable $2000 towards their home & a monthly fee for their benefits based on the home size.

Couples pay a $3500 one time fee & one monthly membership fee, & each do a workshare.

There is no additional charge for children.

Workshare Members learn & work & get promoted within our system & earn a Lifetime Membership/Retirement.

Basic Workshare Membership $500 = A Single Person Micro Or Tiny Home.

Standard Workshare Membership $800 = A Single Or 2 Person Home. Any Design.

Deluxe Workshare Membership $1000 = A Small Family Size Home, Stone Tower or Hobbit Home.

Premium Workshare Membership $1500 - $2500 = A Large Family Home, Any Design.



1 Block =2.5 Hours

You do not have to do the same thing all day, milk goats then go read to children later, the schedule like most other places is set 2 weeks out & you choose where & when you work.

Simply put, it is your Labor contribution to the community.

It is designed to replace your current slave job.

Each member works 5 Hours (2 blocks) per day 5 days a week & is paid for any extra. 

Once You Have Earned Enough Points For Promotion You No Longer Pay Any Fee's

There are many jobs to fill daily & you choose what to learn & do as your workshare.


Fill In The Form At The Bottom Of This Page For An Interview, It Is Free!

Many of You Will Qualify, But We Only Have So Many Spots.

This is also your chance to ask questions & we will go over the rules with you (they are easy).

Move In Cost:

The Initial one time non-refundable Membership Fee ($2000)  plus the First Month Workshare Membership Fee (dependent on the size house you choose $500-$2500).

Monthly Membership Fee Covers All The Benefits & Your Furnished House, Bunker Spot & Everything In Them.

Don't Rush The Application Is At The Bottom Of This Page!

What is a Retiree Membership?

This Is Not A  Workshare Membership.

You Do Not Have To Work!

You get to choose one of our fancy tax free, maintained free, natural homes, they include all our other regular workshare member benefits, with the exception that you also have a covered place to store & charge your RV. While you are out traveling you have the option of us Airbnbing your spot & you make passive income on the road! Stop in at any of our communities for the same treatment

Membership in one community give you access to them all.

A One Time Membership Fee Covers All The Benefits Your Furnished House, Bunker Spot & Everything In Them, Retiree's Have No Further Cost.

In Progress Now!

What is a Lifetime Membership?

This Is Not A  Workshare Membership.

A Lifetime Member pays the highest, fee one time, has a separate easement & bunker.

They are members of the community & have the same access to all the amenities.

There Is Only 1 Available for the UNI PHI Micro - Community.

It Includes A Custom Home.

What is a Leader Amongst Uni Phi?

They Are The People That Showed Up When Offered The Opportunity To Build Communities.

Some Contribute Materials & Others Contribute Knowledge & Expertise.

We Work The Most Hours & Have The Most Responsibility.

If You Would Like An Interview For A Leaders Position  Click The Button Below.

Sign Up To be Interviewed
For Micro -Community
Workshare Memberships

A More Advanced Online Application Will Be Available For Future Communities.

You Will Receive A Phone Interview & If Approved A Background Check Will Be Ran.

Then Get Ready To Move In!

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Thanks, We Will Contact You Soon!

Membership Fee


This Is Non-Refundable, Apply First!

If We Have Already Contacted You

& You Have Been Accepted

Pay Here Two Weeks (2)

Before You Plan

To Move

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