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Uni Phi's Community Rules

Our Communities Are Led By The Diverse Leaders We Selected for each specific community.

As The Parent Company UNI PHI Are the Builders, Administers & Protectors of  the Land Trust For Every Community.

We Will Also Provide Teams Acting as 3rd Party Conflict Resolution Specialists to handle major disputes within a community.

 The Leaders Are The Managers & manage their home locations & the Members all are the Beneficiaries.

Each Workshare Member earns points based on workshares they have qualified for, former experience & work share hours performed.

Below is the list of rules of general conduct & what is expected from a member of any of our communities.

UNI PHI has Final Say when to Terminate a Membership Agreement.

General Rules

  1. Treat This Property & Any Other Property That We All Own & Share As If It Were The Last.

  2. Do Not Litter & Pick Up Any Trash Left Behind By Visitors' Politely.(they won't be invited back)

  3. No Illegal Drugs Are Allowed On Our Properties, Controlled Substances Must Be Kept Under Lock & Key Stored In Your Home Only At A Height Away From Children. 

  4. Treat Others As Good Or Better Than You Treat Yourself.

  5. We All Have The Right To Believe What Ever We Want As Long As It Doesn't Harm Anyone or Things, Just Keep It To Yourself, No Sermons or Preaching, Same Goes For Politics. We Can All Be Adults & Discuss Things In Our Free Time.

  6. An Armed Society Is A Polite Society,  Safes, Vaults, & Training Is Available For All Members. No Illegal Firearms Are Allowed On Our Property. Our FFL's & Experts Can Answer Your Questions.

  7. Pets are allowed & must be spayed or neutered & are not allowed to roam free unsupervised.

  8. Tools & Equipment must be returned to their respective areas when work is finished & the area cleaned up before anyone leaves.

  9. Safety Equipment will be used when necessary & safety be treated as the highest priority.

These Rules & Terms can be amended at anytime as the times change and we organically grow each community. 

Contact Us 

If you have questions email us  or call & we will be happy to clear anything up for you.


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