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Vacation  Spots

Our Vacation Spots are beautiful, hand built, finished tiny homes that are designed to provide you a space to vacation & a place to go if SHTF.

You will also have the piece of mind & security of being within a self sustaining community.

This is not a Membership It is a Commercial Lease.

While vacationing here only the home & listed benefits are included, the rest are offered at a 50% discount for you & your family.

 You will have access to this spot for 60 days out of the year & you will have year round access to the property to attend unlimited workshops and training. 

You Can Buy More Than One But No More Than Five Spots.

We Have Several Tiny Home Designs To Choose From & An Optional Village.

These Spots Are 2 Year Contracts @ $300 per month or can be paid in full at one time.

You Have The Option to Airbnb the spot & earn extra income when you are not there.

This 196-Sq-Ft Home Is The Epitome Of Efficiency_ The Comfy Second Bedroom Is Proof.jfif

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