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Monthly Giveaways

From Now On Each Month!

We Are Giving Away Some Fun Farm & Community Items!

These Prizes Are Available To Anyone Subscribed To Any of Our 3 Project Sponsorship Clubs!

Stickers, Tea, Or Seeds!

Join All Three If Yo Want.

When We Reach 25 Subscribers

We Will Give Away Seed Packages(= $200+)

50 Subscribers Unlocks Vacations (=$350-$2500)

100 & We Give Away Homes/ 1 Year Free With Benefits

$75000-$15000.... Those are some good odds...

Joining Our Clubs Funds Projects Faster!

We Have A Lot Too Do!


Live Aloe Plants:

Seeds Packets:

Seed Packages:

Vacation Stay:

1 Year Workshare
Community Membership (Home):
Stay if you like it.
Cabin Home _ Decor.jfif

Random NFT Drops

Get a MetaMask or Any ETH/MATIC Wallet

Drop Your Address using the same email you signed up with here.


Packs of Heirloom Seeds!
Random Individual Packets

Why Not Add To Your Efforts!

A Wide Variety!

Each Labeled


Live Aloe Plant

Chemical Free Farm Grown Aloe Vera

Has Many Uses, We Are Giving Away Several Sizes.


Seed Packages

Seed Packages, Check Out Our Store For The Sizes.

Growing Plants

1 Night Vacation Packages

Come Stay Free For a Night or a Few Weeks, In The Mark Twain Forest!

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