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Clear Springs Oasis
Clear Springs Ranch

Experience ultimate peace of mind with our exclusive offers:  luxurious  homes, access to vacation use across all our communities with the same benefits, coupled with your personal bunker built by a trusted contractor & one on each property for you to use if vacationing or away for work & something happens, you can go to the closest community for refuge, each one is renowned for their safety and comfort. Enjoy 100% chemical free food and pure clean water. Enjoy full access to all our amenities and recreation, all with no work required - just pure enjoyment.


These Packages Including Homes Have The Option To Generate Additional Income With Our Airbnb Services. Making The Most From Your Investment. We Do All The Work.

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Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime membership include:

A custom built home with separate easement

Fully stocked weather/SHTF bunker for you or you and family

Includes ability to grow food underground and assistance

Access to the communities 100% chemical free food and chefs

Access to all the vacation areas and spas

Access to the General Store & Shops

Use of all the equipment and amenities 

Access to shared learning spaces and all events

Real time security while on any of our properties

Transportation to and from local airports

Helipad service and hangar

Less Than 25 Lifetime Memberships Available For These Two Properties.



Never Boring

  1. Activities

    • Farm tours

    • Food and wine tastings

    • Food and wine making

    • 5 Star dining experiences

    • Cheese & Farm Goods Workshops

    • Food growing activities

    • Hiking, kayaking, fishing, floating, naturals pools and streams

    • Sports and exercise areas

    • Equestrian activities

    • Educational workshops

    • Scheduled events/music

    • Simunition paintball 

    • Art and other makers spaces available

    • Expert marksmanship training instructors and match grade ranges


The Real Green Movement

  1. Sustainability

    • Eco conscious structure and design

    • Our homes are all built with natural healthy to live in materials

    • Permaculture method applied throughout many aspects of our communities

    • Regenerative chemical free growing

    • Food forests

    • Wildlife management and conservation retreats

    • Integrating multiple food growing systems

    • Access to our big & small game hunting club and properties

Chicken Farm


Healing & Relaxing Areas

    • Community Events

    • Educational workshops food/art/healing etc.

    • Retreats

    • Libraries and art spaces

    • Massage

    • Spas

    • Hot Tubs

    • Saunas

    • Cold Natural Spring Pools

    • Yoga

    • Sound Healing

    • Light Healing

    • Vacation spots Nation Wide In 5 Years

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  1. Single Person Packages     $ 750,000.00

  2. Small Family Packages    $ 1,800,000.00

  3. Large Family Packages    $3,500,000.00

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