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By Purchasing this Bundle you can send us a list of what you would like.

We will send you at least 75 seed packets, enough of each for a year.

These seeds listsed here are just some of the examples.

We have several varietes of each & will help you get the type that will grow best in your area.

2. Radishes

3. Watermelons

4. Green Cabbage

5. Sweet Corn

6. Beets

7. Carrots

8. Sweet Peas

9. Green Beans

10. Black beans

11. Sweet Peppers

12. Hot Peppers

13. Beefsteak Variety Tomato

14. Cherry Tomato

15. Paste Tomato

16. Salad Cucumbers

15. Pickling Cucumbers

18. Green Zuchinni

19. Yellow Squash

20. Butternutt Squash

21. Pumpkins

22. Parsely

23. Thyme

24. Cilantro

25. Sweet Basil

26. Mammoth Sunflowers

This Bundle has over 85 different vegetable seed packets!

Our seeds are all Non GMO & Organically grown.

Send me an email to swap out seeds for one's you want instead.



Large Family Garden Seeds Bundle

SKU: 2023
$225.00 Regular Price
$195.75Sale Price
  • Within the whole packge.

    Each packet of seeds contins the planting instructions for that plant.

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