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Introducing our Cherry Tomatoes Super Mix - a delightful assortment of 9 different types of cherry tomatoes in each package! Grown from 100% chemical-free heirloom seeds, our Cherry Tomatoes Super Mix is not only better than organic, but also bursting with flavor and vibrant colors. From the rich, sweet flavor of the Black Cherry to the tangy, citrusy taste of the Yellow Pear, our mix brings a rainbow of flavors to your garden and plate. Every bite is a celebration of the diverse and delicious world of heirloom tomatoes. Add a splash of color and a burst of flavor to your salads, pastas, and more with our Cherry Tomatoes Super Mix!

Super Cherry

Black Cherry

Yellow Pear

Black Strawberry

Atomic Grape

Blue Bee

Chocolate Pear

Honey Delight

Red Pear

We only have a few of the other varieties they will be listed when we have them fully stocked!


Cherry Tomatoes Super Mix

SKU: 3099654544
$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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