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At UNI PHI, our 1/8 Acre Farmsteads provide a unique opportunity to raise your children on pesticide and chemical-free food, breathing clean air, and drinking chemical-free water. This is a chance to embrace a self-sufficient lifestyle where you can meet all your own food, water, power, and sanitation needs, free from reliance on city or corporate supplies. By joining our farming community, you contribute to and benefit from natural living, sustainable practices, and resilient home construction, including tornado bunkers. Experience peace of mind and a healthier way of life with UNI PHI's commitment to building holistic and vibrant communities.

1/8 Acre = 50 feet x 100  or 75 x 75 feet of your own land

We Have 10 Spots/Lots Available, First Come First Choice of Spots.

Shared Easement

Water Rights

Bunker Space

Community Kitchen Access

Community Bathrooms.

Trash Service Is Included.

There are very few codes here in our county, we will help you with building plans, or you can hire UNI-PHI to build your home & garden.

You will also have access to our Micro-Community & Their Skills, Knowledge & Wisdom.

This is Your spot per  a 5 year Lease, you will also have the option to join the community @ a discounted rate.

1/8 Acre Farmsteads

SKU: 15000
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