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Micro - Community
SHTF Spots

We Are Offering Only 3 SHTF Spots Within Our Micro-Community

They Can Be Lived At/In Or Just Vacation Use

& A Backup Bug Out Spot.

This Is A 30 Year Commercial Lease, With You Having First Option To Renew A The End Of It's Term.

Deposits Are Non-Refundable Once Purchase Of Materials Has Been Made.

This Is Not A Community Membership.

Take part In what you want, & enjoy your tax free home.

This Offer Includes A Discounted Monthly Membership Option, so you can enjoy all the benefits of community living if you choose to.

We are also offering a 6 month trial period, incase we don't like each other, you have the option to sell & we have the option to buy & you are refunded in a timely manner, every dime paid for this package goes toward building the home & the community, not somebodies pocket.

All SHTF Packages Have The Option To Generate Additional Income With Our Airbnb Services. Making The Most From Your Investment If You choose to only vacation here. We Do All The Work.


You Choose The Home Type:

Stone Towers $35,000 

Hobbit Holes $30,000 

A-Frames $ 25,000 = 

Standard Tiny Homes $25,000 

& They Include A Bunker Spot!

These Prices Include, Land, Water Rights & Home.

Become A Member Only If You Want!


It Is Better To Be Prepared & Nothing Happen,
Than To Be Caught Unprepared When Something Does... 

UNI-PHI Revision 1_edited_edited.png

These 3 Spots Are First Come First Serve

Secure Your Spot Now With A Deposit 

It Goes Toward Your Balance

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