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Lifetime Membership


There Is Only One

Enjoy full access to all our amenities and recreation, all with no work required - just pure enjoyment. This Is Your Spot, enjoy the community life. Take part In what you want, & enjoy your tax free home & all the benefits of community living.

This is a 99 year Commercial Lease.

We are also offering a 6 month trial period, incase we don't like each other, you have the option to sell & we have the option to buy & you are refunded in a timely manner, every dime paid for this package goes toward building Your home & the community, not somebodies pocket.

All Lifetime Membership Packages,  Have The Option To Generate Additional Income With Our Airbnb Services. Making The Most From Your Investment If You choose to only vacation here. We Do All The Work.

Yes There Is Only One Of These Spots For This Micro-Community!

Bidding Starts @$175,000

Bid Increments of $1000

This Is Silent So Bid High & Hope For The Best!

Ends July 15th 2024

We will contact the winner July 16th.

Working Draft - UniPhi Micro Community Pitch Deck  (4).jpg

Lifetime membership includes:

A custom built home with separate easement

Fully stocked weather/SHTF bunker for you or you and family

Includes ability to grow food underground and assistance

Use of all the equipment and amenities 

Access to shared learning spaces and all events

Real time security while on any of our properties

Transportation to and from local airports

  1. Sustainability

    • Eco conscious structure and design

    • Our homes are all built with natural healthy to live in materials

    • Permaculture method applied throughout many aspects of our communities

    • Regenerative chemical free growing

    • Food forests

    • Wildlife management and conservation retreats

    • Integrating multiple food growing systems

    • Access to our big & small game hunting club and properties

    • Community Events

    • Educational workshops food/art/healing etc.

    • Retreats

    • Libraries and art spaces

    • Massage

    • Spas

    • Clay Bath

    • Hot Tubs

    • Saunas

    • Cold Natural Spring Pools

    • Yoga

    • Sound Healing

    • Vacation spots Nation Wide In 5 Years


Bidding Starts At $175k

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